Официален туристически портал на Община Банско. Туристическа информация за Банско, кутурен афиш.


Historical and Ethnographic Museum – Radonova House

Radonova house was built at the beginning of the 19th century. The displays in the house consist of materials and information in relation to the development of Bansko from its origins to the Liberation from Ottoman rule in 1912. The displays focus on the important place that the village occupies in our national history and its remarkable contribution to the promotion of the Bulgarian culture.

On the ground floor of the former barn there are many interesting archaeological findings which have been turned into an exposition. Visitors can see ceramic fragments along with entirely preserved ceramic dishes, different coins, many different glasses, fine jewellery and many other pieces. These finds confirm activity within modern day Bansko from the time of the Thracians and continued through to the middle ages.

The rich ethnographic exhibition presents the unique way the nature and characteristics of Bansko life. The diversity of materials on display, characterized by their elegant simplicity, accessibility and ability to serve man combines the purely practical demands of everyday life with aesthetic elements presented by our ancestors.