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The laboratory serves the residents and guests of  Bansko, as well as participants in winter sports competitions. It is a branch of the one in the renowned private pre-hospital  medical institution DCC "Neoclinic", which is licensed as a reference for tests for Covid-19.

The laboratory also has antigen tests, and the research with them will be at a preferential price, which does not include the value of the test, but only for the manipulation. Employers from the municipality will be able to use these tests to conduct a survey of their employees in case of need. The release of the tests will take place after a preliminary applications, submitted to the municipal administration. More information  about  the applications can be obtained from the Municipality of Bansko by phone +359 749/88625.

You can get the necessary information about the tests and manipulations performed in the laboratory by phone + 359 877 761 201.

The laboratory is equipped with high class equipment and apparatus, which allows the samples to be examined on site.

The laboratory doctor is Dr. Galina Tsoneva, a specialist with many years of practice in Germany, and the virologist is Dr. Valentina Kovaleva.

Except for coronaviruses, the laboratory has the ability to perform complete clinical trials.

Address: The roundabout of Ikonom Chuchulayn str. and Tsar Simeon str.

Phone: + 359 877 761 201

Working hours: Monday – Saturday / 8:00 h– 15:00 h