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Bears Park - Belitsa

The park for re-adaptation of dancing bears is located in South Rila, Andrianov Chark location, 12 km away from the city of Belitsa, district of Blagoevgrad, and 180km away from the capital city Sofia. It covers a territory of 120 000 sq.m. at 1200 – 1345 m above the sea level. The Four Paws and Bridget Bardot foundations and Belitsa municipality are to be thanked for the establishment of this park. It is constructed with the help of world known experts studying the behaviour and habits of the brown bear. It provides its inhabitants with thick forests and hills for walk and privacy, meadows and especially arranged sun places for recreation. Bathing lakes with different sizes and forms and sleeping kennels are established. Thus, dancing bears are provided with natural environment and secured place for peaceful life, similar to that typical for their species. Here for the first time bears can feel and demonstrate their wide instincts and inborn behaviour suppressed during the period of their slavery.


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